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Giles Cleghorn:

The Chandos Clinic,

21 Chandos Rd, Redland,

Bristol BS6 6PG, UK.

Telephone 0117 9745084.

Course Director - Giles Cleghorn

MApp Sc (Ost Paed), DO, DSH

Giles Cleghorn has been working as an osteopath since 1984. He qualified from the European School of Osteopathy (UK) and in 1990 went on to qualify as a homeopath. He studied Chinese medicine, acupuncture and holds a dry needling qualification.

Giles has also studied with Dr Anne Wales, Dr. Viola Frymann, Dr Jim Jealous, Dr. Bob Fulford, Pier Barrel, Caroline Stone, John Wernham and many other great DO's. As a result he has incorporated cranio-sacral work, biomechanical manipulation, classical osteopathic treatment, visceral manipulation, balanced ligamentous tension and A.T. Still's manipulative techniques in his daily clinical and teaching work.

Giles' career as a teacher began at age 19 when he taught Yoga for four years in London. After gaining a Masters Degree from RMIT (Melbourne) Giles taught the paediatric Master Degree program for the European School of Osteopathy. He has taught extensively for the Sutherland Cranial College and founded the beginnings of Integrated Osteopathic Studies in 1997. He has taught in many countries since, including Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Spain, Australia and the UK.

Having run a large osteopathic group practice since 1994, Giles Cleghorn has considerable experience in the business and personal challenges of clinical practice. In 1991 he attended the Osteopathic Centre For Children (London) and worked as one of the clinical team. Giles has also run a dedicated teaching children's clinic in Bristol alongside his established Osteopathy clinic.